Saturday, May 31, 2014

Farewell Autumn (and 'every day in May')

I made it! I managed to stick with the Every day in May program and blog every day for 31 days straight! Yay me!

Autumn has been good to me.

I went to an outdoor music festival with my girls.

I'm the sensible one with the buttoned shirt - I had to 
take my hat off so other people could fit in the picture!
Look what being old has done to me!

I reignited my love of playing an instrument (unfortunately, I discovered I still have no talent), took up a new health fad to get excited about (last year it was thermocooking from scratch, this year it's using essential oils to detox and heal) and got into my garden. 

Why not? This was Mothers Day at 
my parents' house.

 We welcomed a new member of our family.

 Meet Charli!

In usual me-style I had an awkward blunder. I got bitten by a yellow spider* (did it hitchhike in on a banana?) and the same night fell down the stairs resulting in a four week exercise hiatus (hello three extra kilos). 

And I'm not even sad that our tropical Autumn didn't yield any crunchy leaves to play in, because...

Small Boy and I are headed off to spend time with family in Wales in September. That's a SECOND Autumn this year - complete with falling leaves! Hooray!


* J was disappointed the bite didn't result in my getting any special powers. He said if I'd become a super hero, I'd probably walk up walls and then fall down. In fact he rather enjoyed the whole ordeal as an opportunity to crack many jokes and laugh maniacally. 


  1. What a busy few weeks! I am VERY jealous you are heading overseas in Sept, we have to visit inlaws in NZ but it's never a holiday for my hubby or I. And yay we did it? I'm waiting for the courier to rock up to the door and deliver me a magnum of champers and big bouquet of flowers - you?

    1. I found a dusty bottle of Malibu in the back of the pantry... I think that's as close as we're going to get!

  2. Yay for you Sam! So nice that you will have a second autumn, it is definitely my favourite season of the year!

  3. Lovely highlights of your autumn! And well done on blogging every day in May. Nothing wrong with a dusty bottle of Malibu. This is worth celebrating. Hope you've recovered from the spider bite and fall down the stairs. Pfft. What's a healthy 3 kilos...

  4. Oh Yeah Baby! We made it and you had a great autumn - just pretend that fall never happened and what spider??

    Lucky you, a big trip to Wales!

  5. YAY! Congrats on blogging every day :) And two autumns....lovely :)


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