Thursday, May 8, 2014

I am inspired by... (every day in May)

Lots of things make me feel energised and inspired.

Reading a first novel - you just know the excitement that came along with the first glimpse of this published tome. Someone has spent their life dreaming of the very item you have in your hands. They've spent sleepless nights wondering if they can, in fact, finish it. They've pushed themselves to the limit and made it out the other side. I admire them! What courage and commitment!

A cool Winter breeze with the whiff of an open fire. I don't know why - maybe because it takes me back to childhood? The world feels different on evenings like these if you close your eyes and breathe real slow. Or maybe that's just me!
This is the view from Caerphilly Castle (I think!). I went with my children and my grandparents in 2008

Watching someone hold a newborn. Their newborn. Knowing the fear and love all wrapped up in a tiny bundle. Someone making promises to themselves and their precious cargo. Promises and new beginnings always get me.

People watching. Sometimes I like to be that sad loser sitting by herself, watching the world go by. Wondering what all those people are thinking, feeling. Where they're going. Who they are. I get very imaginative when left to my own devices to just sit and observe (when I can force myself away from my phone, that is).

A true story. Especially of the rags to riches or endurance variety. I marvel at the strength people have.

My kids make me feel inspired. All the questions they ask that I find hard to answer. It makes me realise more about my own character than theirs. I make those little silent vows to do better, to explain more often.

Like when Miss Piggy told me zombies are real.

"No, they aren't. They're make believe"

"Yes, mum - they are! I saw them right here in Auntie B's newspaper. Zombies take over shopping centre"

"Darling - those are teenagers doing something for youth week! It's all pretend! Look, I promise zombies aren't real!"

"Well, what's all that blood all over them?!"

Cue at length discussion and question time and more questions about props and special effects... and a missing bottle of tomato sauce a few days later!!! Clearly the girl is taking inspiration from... me?!


  1. You must be a true writer, all these inspirations are the start of creating stories...using your imagination, asking questions, talking monsters hehe

  2. I love some decent people watching too. I am one of those people happy to sit at a restaurant on my own for a meal and people watch. Good times.

  3. Ha ha love zombie talk my kids get in to that at times. Yes to newborns and people watching - especially at airports!


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