Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Blog roll (every day in May)

I'm over everything today... when I'm over everything I like to disappear into a story.

I used to love books. I could escape for hours at a time into fantasy worlds filled with wonder and excitement. Now if I escaped for hours at a time, pandemonium would likely reign around me and I would emerge to some sort of disaster.

So. My escape these days is in ten minute slots - usually into a blog.

I love a few different blogs for totally different reasons.

I love the voyeuristic appeal of Maxabella Loves. I like to think that perhaps in a a parallel universe I, too, am raising chickens and doing all the sorts of exciting 'city' things that occasionally creep into her blog. Gorgeous, simple pictures of a varied childhood inspire me to do more with my own kids.

If I need a laugh, I pop into Have a Laugh on Me. I've been following in a non-commenty way for a while now. I feel as though we might possibly be related (that whole 'switched at birth' theory is still a fantasy I occasionally retreat to). Em (can I call her that? other people seem to) seems to be living a similar crazy-hectic sort of working-mama life.

I enjoy popping in to Essentially Jess once a week. She loves all the same TV shows that I do, we share a lot of the same beliefs, and knowing there was someone out there blogging about sweating it out in the north was nice (even if she has recently relocated somewhere she can wear socks and jackets comfortably). Visiting there feels like having a cuppa with a playgroup mum, despite the fact I no longer have any playgroup-ing children.

And lastly, the first blog I started following was one written by a classmate from primary school. On Polkadot Lane. She doesn't update it very often, but I do love seeing what she's up to! Seeing her posts made me realise that blogging was something I *could* do for myself. Like me, I think she started it to have a record of all the things she has made and done for her little family.

Oops, maybe I love them all for the same reason! For company!

And here (because there are only a few blog posts to go til we make it to the end of May and because fun pictures cheer me up when I'm over everything and because I call my friend May despite the fact her real name starts with an R) is me:

I'm wearing the odd hat. This is as close to a proper English lady as I get ;) 

Umm... May... sorry. Not really. 

I've actually picked up a few new must-visits this month thanks to the link-up at Clairey Hewitt:


  1. We are nearly bloody there! I hope there's a big box of chocolate, booze and hawt men waiting at the finish line for us! Thanks for the lovely words and oh yes, it's definitely Em to you Sam. I feel we have SO much in common, except that you're a teacher and must be UBER organised and I'm very unorganised! When I'm over everything I hide under the trampoline and time how long it takes for the kids to find me! :) x

    1. Organised... not so much! A kid said to me today, "I'll put this in the folder because you aren't good with paper, Miss"! I wasn't even cross because it was SOOO true. At home I hide in the pantry. There are tim tams and gin ;)

  2. I also love the ten minute friend catch up - it's much easier to squeeze in when you have had a day with no adult conversation and you just want to have a chat to see what's been happening.

  3. Firstly, well done posting when you're over everything today! Sometimes it's seeing the top of someone else's microwave or gorgeous photography or reading beautifully written or hilarious words that help us to get through those days!

  4. I love that we are nearly at the end of May and we have nearly done it!!
    I love these pictures. And I love On Polkadot Lane, what an awesome name for a blog!

  5. I feel so honoured by your comments! Thank you so much.
    And today I really wish I was sweating it out, because it's cold here!!!!


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