Thursday, May 1, 2014

My day in exactly 100 words

Day off.

Woken - pinch and punch! Found coffee, lunchboxes. Milo and Belvita biscuits –better than Fruit Loops? Sigh.

School drop. Treat – breakfast with dear friend. Giggles, frowns, plans.

Shop! Work dress, fun dress. Bargain – hooray!

Pick up small child. Speech therapy across town.

Home – lunch. Dog fetch, child slide - photograph play.

Big kids back from school. Homework, referee.

Remember looming presentation. Panic. Search for notes. Feels like Cluedo for the insane. Found – with cookbooks in car boot (who’d have guessed?)

Coffee, TV.

Peeling, slicing, baking – hearty dinner with the family.

Watch HIMYM finale in bed. No doubt cry. 

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