Monday, May 12, 2014

The house is on fire... what do you grab? (every day in May)

Don't laugh, but I sleep with a fire extinguisher beside my bed and the kids have fire blankets under theirs.

When the kids have that yearly 'bring your fireplan to school', mine know ours off by heart.

I once saw a thin plume of smoke as I drove about town, as I got closer, it thickened. In the few minutes it took me to get there (three, tops), the house was a blazing, blackened mess. Thank goodness I could see the three occupants, seated in the gutter across the road, watching all their belongings go up in flames. The firies got there as soon as they could but by then it was all gone.

It shocked me. Actually, I think it scarred me. I've always been a bit neurotic about safety, but since then I've had the need to scatter fire extinguishers around the place.

I've thought a lot about getting everyone out alive. What I'd do if the stairs were ablaze. Where I'd run to call the fire brigade. How I'd bundle three kids and a dog downstairs. But I've honestly never thought about what else I'd save!!!
Totally recommend this website for building your own
fire escape plan - for school projects or for peace of mind, 
it's a great tool!

The prompt today is to list five things you'd grab on the way out, assuming everyone in your family is safe (I'm including the dog in the everyone because she is a person, after all).

I think everything at my place is replaceable, except my photos - so I guess I'd take my computer and the back up drive.

If there was any way I could take my mattress, I would do it - took me SOOO long to choose it, it is amazingly comfortable and I can't imagine life without it.

 I would save my Ellie's ashes from beside the front door, she was such a faithful friend to us all and would never have left the house without us.

I guess the last thing would maybe be my wedding album. Assuming I could find it in time! I really should get around to working out which ones I've already done and scan the rest of those suckers in!

So, in further proof I'm on the train to crazy, I'd take:
* a computer
* back up drive
* mattress
* dead dog ashes and
* an incomplete DIY project

Let's hope we never have a fire!

Am off to read everyone else's list on Clairey Hewitt's blog now :)


  1. Wow that is very efficient to have fire blankets under kids bed, not a bad idea at all! Our extinguisher is in our kitchen cupboard and we don't have an escape plan, but we will do it one day, make a family fun day out of it, thanks for reminder!

  2. I enjoyed your list Sam. I had trouble coming up with mine. Made me realise how replaceable the things in our home are. And how hard it is to choose just five of those well-loved replaceable items!

  3. I love the fire blankets under the bed idea. Thats a fantastic idea. I'm going to check out the website too for a plan too - thanks


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