Thursday, May 15, 2014

Five foods for a year long diet (every day in May)

Today's prompt: You can only eat five foods for the duration of the year. Which five?

Easy - pasta, chocolate, cheese, grapes, chicken.

Is it sad that it's so easy? Can't live without the first three - comforting, energy rich food.

I like variety in fruit but if I have to pick one to eat every day, I think grapes is all that would cut it. Full of antioxidants (to combat the chocolate baddies).

I actually enjoy beef more than chicken... but if I have to eat cheese and pasta for dinner every day, chicken would be easier to cook!

Lets hope this hypothetical year is spent outdoors working off the calories and not trapped inside a building!!!


  1. Let's definitely hope it is hypothetical!

  2. I expect if we were hungry enough we would just eat whatever, but wouldn't each of those foods just become the most foul. After that year you would never eat chocolate again.

  3. Hee hee LOVE IT! Those are almost my top foods also - cheese, how good is it?

  4. Oops! Have been away from my PC for a few days, accidentally deleted a comment with my fat fingers trying to use blogger from my iPhone. My apologies if it was yours!!! Lesson learnt!


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