Monday, May 19, 2014

My favourite restaurant meal (every day in May)

A few months ago, J and I decided to dine at the fanciest place in town. It is a rare occurrence for us to dine out, without children... and together so we were in our finest and were quite excited about the prospect of eating somewhere that didn't serve nuggets. 

Because it is posh, we'd had to book the week before to make sure we got a booking and we were feeling a bit like the cool kids in town. 

But for those of you reading in more civilised parts of the world, just realise that while it *is* the fanciest place in town, we do live in regional Queensland so our ideas of fanciness may be a little skewed. 

The table was on the main street, it wobbled and a lone tealight candle stood in as the only decoration on the tiny square surface. We had a great view of the hoons passing by on their usual Saturday night exploits. But like I said, no nuggets - so pretty much as fancy as you get in the country. 

The food was amazing. I had something called "Duck, two ways", sounds regional-posh, doesn't it?! It had layers of fancy salad, mash, duck and was topped with crunchy sweet-potato strips. Delicious. 

It was also so large I couldn't possibly eat all of it (but I gave it my best effort). 

It probably rates as my favourite meal simply because it was J and I. Just us. It was locally grown food (important to me) and our babies were warm and safe nearby and waiting for us to come home and kiss them good night. Not bored, fighting, crying, needing help with their knife and fork. 

It was relaxed. It was comfortable. No worries!

Us... on a trip to Brisvegas last year


  1. I have rarely eaten duck but when i do I enjoy it.

  2. The best meals are any that I don't cook or have to clean up - I want to make it my goal to try the 'special' each time I dine out now, so for a change!

  3. I figure that favourite restaurant meals are not just about the meals, but also includes those who partake in the experience regardless of if they are in a fancy restaurant or not.


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