Monday, May 5, 2014

My zodiac sign and my thoughts on star signs (every day in May)

I don't believe in horoscopes of the daily kind, but I do think that like all things in nature, people are patterned.

Why is it that all Virgos seem to know where their keys are at all times? Why are Aquarians the most fun to get drunk?

I'm a Leo. I kinda fit the mould there - hair that can't be tamed and a bark that's worse than my bite. I hold grudges fiercely, for about five minutes, then I give up. Life's too short.

I guess you could say I'm loyal - I still ring (fairly regularly) the friend I've had since I was nine, despite the fact we've live thousands of kilometres apart for nigh on twenty years and we are about as alike as chalk and cheese.

I rue the fact that I'm a bit melodramatic (I try not to be - it just kinda happens before I've realised it), I'm ok with being stubborn because it's got me places in life.

I've always been ambitious, people tell me I'm generous and encouraging (not really sure on that but I guess those words ARE in my job description).

I was all those things before I knew what a star sign was. Coming from a fairly strict religious background, any mention of these sort of things would earn you a stern talking to and a Bible verse. So I don't think I've grown into my star sign. I really think all these traits have been in me since birth.

Because I'm a fairly logical person, I've tried to work out why it is that people seem to match their star sign. When I had my babies I wondered whether it was because Leo babies, born into snuggly Winter, got more contact with their parents who cuddled them like wriggly hot water bottles. But then, that theory doesn't hold true for people born into the Summer of the northern hemisphere.

It's all a bit of mystery. I get tired just thinking about it!!!

Yes, I realise this is the ugliest picture of a lion ever, but my sister doesn't read this blog to hack on me about it, it was free clipart available here and it looked so pathetic I thought it needed to be here. If I am a lion, I'm hardly the majestic type roaming the countryside eating at will. I'm more likely to be limping around with prickles in my fur, which is probably greying and falling out in handfuls! Someone hand that poor lion some hot-rollers and something tasty to eat - pronto!


  1. It is all a bit of a mystery, kind of a bit of fun too, as long as it isn't taken too serious, but then again, for some people it is very serious I guess.

  2. I love your take on this!!!!!! I'm an aquarian and a fun drunk, my younger sister is a Leo, my mum a Virgo and my older sister an Aries, we are all so different. I reckon you can take what you want from stars, but they are a bit of fun. Although I do believe the universe plays a big role in how our lives unfold :)

  3. I am a Leo and I like the good bits about being a Leo, and ignore the less than ideal traits of being a Leo hehe


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