Saturday, May 17, 2014

The best smell in the world is... (every day in May)

I'll tell you one I don't like - that mousey smell you have in the laundry, despite the fact anything edible is locked away safely in the fridge.

You start to point the finger, "Have you been tossing apple cores again? You know we'll get MICE!" "Have you been leaving the back door open again? It's getting colder and you know the MICE are looking for somewhere warm to hang out for the winter!"

You find no evidence of our little mousey friends and yet the mousey smell gets stronger and stronger.

Then your detective skills lead you to gingerly push your hand under the fridge....

EEEK! It's cold and squishy... it's a prawn! An old prawn that's rolled out of the fridge. "No cause for alarm, everyone! It's just a prawn!"


The joys of living in Queensland - where all smelly rubbish lives in the downstairs fridge til bin day!

Writing every day (albeit a little late today)


  1. YUK I can relate, the worst smell around here in our wheelie bin, full of nappies and yes I'm in QLD too and things ponk so much quicker around here!

  2. Ooooo a relief it was a prawn! I have been on the detective hunt for an odour before so can def relate. It can drive you to the point of insanity! Good work on the find ;)

  3. Oh i know that mouse smell well... warm stale cheezles. Glad you found the prawn - isn't that one of those pranks you do to people you don't like? Oh now that's prawn heads in their hub caps ;)


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