Friday, May 9, 2014

Of all the ice-cream in the world, the best flavour is... (every day in May)


It's creamy, it's smooth, it's international (Madagascan, French etc etc), you can use it in smoothies, on rich chocolate deserts and it has NO LUMPS (yes, I'm one of those)... What's not to like?!

Mmmm... ice-cream.

When my 'big two' were still littles. How lucky we are
to have relatives in Europe! This is us, lapping up the Spring sunshine 
(and some gelati) in Venice. 

Last week I totally surprised my husband (and myself, truth be told). We took the kids to Coldrock as a special treat and instead of my usual vanilla, I got PINK bubblegum icecream with nerds mixed in. I think he wondered if I'd had a head injury or been abducted by aliens... He watched me carefully to make sure I ate it lumps and all. I did, and it wasn't half as challenging as I thought!

And that, my friends, is what I call personal progress!


  1. I don't mind lumps in my ice cream, but NOT my yoghurt!!

  2. I don't mind lumps, as long as they are not nutty lumps. But nerds? Um, nope, I wouldn't choose lollies as my lumps I don't think, but then again, how bad can it be!

  3. I told the hubby off a few months ago for taking the kids to Cold Rock without asking me - but then again, he knows my calories are more enjoyed by drinking them! x

  4. OH Cold rock - hundreds of miles away and *sob* you had to mention it.
    I like lumps if they are tasty lumps.


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