Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My relationship with my phone... (every day in May)

Seriously co-dependent.
This is not my phone, I have an iPhone5. Unfortunately I needed
to use it to take this photo, so this was the next most used
phone in the house ;)
It needs me - more and more as time goes on. It gets to 22% charge and I start to feel guilty that I didn't plug it in in the car on the way to work. Then it drops to 18% and chucks a hissy fit and ignores me for the remainder of the afternoon.

I bought a long cable for it so I can take it to bed with me. My husband complains that it's three in the bed. Then the dog leaps on the end and he whinges that he's slipped to third-best.

It decides what I watch on TV (catch up TV and the occasional AppleTV movie). I get mad when it refuses to let me watch Revenge or the indy flicks I like - stupid Apple licensing rules.

My Small Boy (who doesn't speak much English, although he's improving) can say, "Ph- own, Mum!" and brings it to me with a worried little expression, whenever he realises we've been apart for more than ten minutes.

Definitely an addiction.

But also a lifeline to friends and family, first aid manual, shopping list, alarm clock, digital camera, newspaper, personal assistant and mobile work station (and more) in one.

Now and again, I force myself to take a break (a tech-free day) but I know I couldn't really be without it. Sad.




  1. Yep tech addict there but I'm trying to do less when kids are around!!! Mine is also my watch, camera, map, etc!

  2. I have been consciously switching off my phone. I deleted some apps and stopped notifications because I was just using it all the time. Super cute home phone though!

  3. When Boatman took the kids mothers day shopping my son said 'mum likes her phone. Maybe we should get her a new one!' Time to back away from it slowly I think :)

  4. I resisted a mobile and then a smart phone for years, now I wonder how I ever lived without it!

    Visiting today from #teamIBOT xxx


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