Friday, May 23, 2014

Something I'll never blog about (every day in May)


My grief is personal.

It's not that I haven't wanted to express it in someway, it's just that I've chosen not to express it in writing.

My writing is for hope and achievement. Not for staying in the past and reliving the dark times.

I'm moving on.


  1. I have written my grief when I was in a very very dark place. It was nearly impossible for me not to, there was little else surrounding me. I was literally drowning in the emotion. But I did have to make a big effort to not be consumed by my sorrows.

    1. I totally understand that other people have to. I just find there's something kind of permanent in committing pen to paper or words to a page that makes it hard for me to let go. It's just not for me. I tend to process grief in less creative ways.

  2. Some people write about grief because it helps them or others but I don't think I'll touch on it, unless I feel it can help others, but who knows. xx

  3. I've written about grief, it was one of reasons i started blogging. i know some people can't. That is ok.


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