Thursday, June 5, 2014

Going grey...?

I have a love-hate thing with my hair. Maybe that's because I'm a Leo.

I love the feel of long hair running down my back, but as I detest the feeling of sweat doing the same, I more often that not put it up in a bun or ponytail.

I say put rather than brush because if it's only going in a pony or bun, brushing is not high on my list of morning priorities (extra sleep, facebook and coffee are).

I've tried perming it, layering it, totally butchering it... but I really just like it with a bit of length. I may as well enjoy it while I can ... don't want to turn into one of those freaky old ladies with grey Rapunzel hair!

Because it's happening. The grey. I've been going grey for nearly two decades now. Got my first grey at age 16, quite a few have joined that lonely first now. Even have one in my left eyebrow (how rude)!

But... here's the weird thing... here's me in 2011 (before I hit grey, rock bottom). I can't find any other pics of my in my 'natural' state as I have avoided photos since then unless I've had a recent salon visit.

and here's me this morning. Bad car selfie. How embarrassing.

And I notice I'm looking LESS grey*.

Last year I read about a remedy for premature greying. It had something to do with a build-up around the hair follicle that could be removed by rubbing lemon and coconut oil in. I've been experimenting with a little portion of my head, around the hairline. Dare I say... it appears to be WORKING?

Either that, or they've just given up and fallen out in protest.

Anyway, after comparing headshots this morning, I headed for the salon to show those grey suckers who's boss.

So here I am now.

Wallet is a bit lighter and hair is a bit darker. But I think I like it!

Anyway... about the grey hair thing. Do you think I'm delusional? *Or do I just need my glasses?


  1. Love the hair, and I think it's easier to rock greys when you have light hair like you do! But I actually can't see too many.

  2. You look gorgeous! I convinced myself for ages after I dies my hair darker that the regrowth was blonde. It isnt. It is grey. Very very grey but only around my ears lol xx


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