Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bra dramas (of the stick-on kind)

On Saturday night J and I went to a fundraising 'gala'. That's a pretty big deal around here - where the only galas are usually those pink birds you sometimes see in the sky!

The money raised went to prostate cancer research but the actual dinner was to celebrate ten years of Encore Dance School (run by my friend Miss Penny).

Anyway, it was a chance to wear a pretty dress, my favourite clip-in hair piece (what can I say - once a dancer, always a dancer) and step into some fancy shoes and eat in relative luxury at the private room at one of the local sports clubs.

Miss Piggy delighted in helping me get ready and was especially interested in the stick-on bra.

We've had some adventures, my stick-on bra and me.

Obviously Saturday night - catching up with people I hadn't seen in many years.

 Here we are - what's left of the 'original' school. Some of
those girls were tiny when we started!!!
And here is me and J - all swished up!
Which made me think of the first Encore concert and my stick-on bra - when I had breastmilk filling it up and I was worried it would slide down my front and land on the stage with a plop! Thank goodness for stretchy velour costumes. I made it without any wardrobe malfunctions.
And finally - the time I had left the freshly rinsed bra - sticky side up - on the bathroom bench, only to return and find a gecko stuck in it! It took olive oil, warm water and a lot of prayer to free the poor little guy, but I did it. Can't say the same for his wriggly little tail.
Oh the joys of living in sunny Queensland!!!
How long do you reckon it will be before I find Miss Piggy parading around with it stuck to her chest?!
 Do you dance? Do you wish you still did?


  1. OH MY FUGGING GAWD this is hilarious!!!!!!!! I hope you had a few bevvies under your boobs, I mean belt! You look lovely BTW, love the shoes :)

  2. I'm not even a hundred percent sure what a stick on bra is, though the breast milk story gives me a fair idea!
    I'm with Emily and loooooove those shoes xx

  3. Ewwwww... I'm with Jess though - not even sure what a stick-on bra is, but am fairly sure it couldn't contain my hefty (mostly fat) bosoms! #alas

  4. Omigosh! I guess you can't put breast pads in stick on bras because it wouldn't stick! I once wore nipple stickers to a wedding because the dress I was wearing had a deep v at the front and was backless but when I got cold the stickers became prominent through my dress! I had to wear my wrap across the top of my dress to hide what I was wearing ( or not wearing) underneath!


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