Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dentist... yikes!

I was at the dentist this week, having ANOTHER tooth repaired (ok, I admit it, I'm officially middle-aged) when I thought back to a funny incident. I was trying to take my mind off the pain - I don't do anaesthetic if I can possibly help it. Sets off my anxiety in a big way. The numb feeling you walk out with is the worst part of the dentist for me... worse than pain!

Anyway, a few years ago (and a few fillings ago) - when I was a mother of two - I found myself lying in the dentist chair in my 'mummy uniform' of jeans, sneakers and a black t-shirt, idly listening to the conversation between dentist and assistant.

The dentist was a lovely old man, a bit past retirement age. Always gentle and kind, never charged me a gap and always sent me away with a nice new toothbrush. Things that make sense... now.

I assumed my teeth were in pretty good health. They always had been - despite my penchant for crunching hard things like ice and tic tacs. However, today the dentist was muttering.

"Ohhhh... Someone should tell Samantha's mother to stop feeding her so many sweet foods! Not good... not good at all..." The dental assistant (whose children I'd previously taught), smirked but remained quiet.

I was quite bemused, confused and curious as to what he could possibly mean. What did my mother have to do with it all?

At the end of the clean, when all the cotton wool was out of my mouth (old-school dentist, remember) I hesitantly asked him, "All OK? What did you mean about the sweet foods?"

He started to tell me about sugar and decay etc. But when I asked him, "So, are they bad... for a thirty year old?" he looked at me in horror. And shock.

Then he laughed.

He obviously had never looked at my age on the chart!

When I told him I was the mother of two small people and my back teeth were a bit iffy because of all the chucking I'd done in the morning sickness stage, he told me they were actually in pretty good nick, all things considered.

But I never got another free toothbrush again! haha...

Fast forward a few years and my lovely, gentle, old dentist has retired. But... he's been replaced with what the other mummies refer to as 'THE HOT DENTIST'.

He is also lovely and gentle.

But I still don't like going.

What's the funniest thing that has ever happened to you at the dentist?


  1. How funny! I wonder how old he thought you were? I haven't had any funny dentist incidents, but I'll never understand why they ask you a question and then shove their instruments in your mouth before you can even answer!! Dropping in via #teamIBOT.

  2. That was so never happen to me! I dress like a daggy 50-year-old!!! I wouldn't mind a hot dentist.. or a hot anything right now, it's bloody freezing right now :) x

  3. A hot dentist might make me feel like I actually want to go. I really can't remember anything funny about the dentist I am always so terrified and anxious to get in and out!

  4. Ripped off! A new toothbrush is always a good freebie!
    I suffer through the dentist, but luckily, it doesn't trigger my anxiety as much as other health areas, so the anesthesia is welcome but certainly weird.

  5. My friend was waiting to go in and see the dentist once and she said loudly to the receptionist, "I HATE dentists!" The dentist popped up from the counter and said, "I HATE patients!" My friend was not a small bit embarrassed.


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