Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Harvest your own broccoli seeds

We are loving our garden. It's a lot of trial and error, lots of googling random questions.

Here are some things we learned about broccoli (the hard way).

1. It's easy to grow! Just plant it and water regularly!
2. Once you cut the main head of broccoli, don't rip out the whole plant - you can eat the shoots which are reasonably prolific. Great for stir fries!

3. If you don't pick broccoli fast enough, it will start to flower

4. If you are going to let it flower, so that you can harvest the seeds, be sure to let a shoot flower, not a whole head - otherwise you will end up with thousands of seeds!
5. Once you let a plant flower, it seems to stop producing shoots... So pick your broccoli before it's too late.
6. Once the flowers have dried and fallen, pods will appear. Over MANY weeks, these will mature. Here are some that are on their way

7. Apparently broccoli seed shoots are delicious in salads... Will have to try that out!
8. Yes, broccoli grows OK in a sub-tropical environment (in Winter at least)

Hope this helps someone else! Not much broccoli out there to be googled... And the YouTube vids are soooo long and boring, thought this might save someone some time ;)


  1. Go over and see Flood Proof Mum blog - Tanya and she grows every veggie you can imagine!! Tell her I send you, she'd be happy to give advice!

  2. Boatman planted brocolly seeds last week and they seem to have germinated well. Hope they work as well as yours!


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