Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Building memories... being silly

I went to the beach dressed as a pirate. As in last Sunday. As a full grown woman.

I got some very odd looks, but I had a very good reason for doing it.

Miss Piggy had said to me, "mum, can we go to the beach dressed as pirates and look for treasure and dig a big pirate ship and.. and..?"

How could I say no? After all they are only little such a short time and there'll be a time (probably soon) when they stop asking me to do silly things like that. Mr Z already said he didn't want to play, he looked at us a bit awkwardly but came along without too much fuss. He's only nine. 

And they really remember these 'fun' times you share... right? So looking like an idiot was totally worth it to see her smile.

Here I am - in full piratey glory: 

Yes, I did need to take a rest in the boat! We carved it from wet sand and that sucker was big!

When was the last time you acted ridiculously to get a smile from your kids?



  1. Even though my kids are 20 & 17, I still do (and say) silly things to make them smile! Wonderful memories you're making :-)

    Visiting today from #teamIBOT xxx

  2. That right there is the sign of an awesome parent in my book!

  3. Like just before they fell asleep, I do it all the time, I'm sure they will not like it when they get bigger!
    You're a fab mumma for doing this :)

  4. I absolutely love that and I would definitely do it to. I just love pretend play and promoting my son to use his imagination, I love doing it too, I feel like such a big kid!

  5. I just got shushed for singing the Samurai Pizza Cats theme while dishing out the pizza. It's not a tradition I'm letting go of easily ;)

  6. You are the most awesomest mama ever. Those are some special memories you mad that day for your babies chick. You rock xx

  7. Awesome. Seriously cool. x


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