Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fun times with Green hair

I'm not a swimmer - I have "swum" (and I use the term loosely) in a life jacket many times. When you grow up on a mountain far from the ocean with a town pool that opens seasonally, it's difficult to build up any sort of proficiency.

Well this summer, as part if my general 'more exercise' plan, I have been "swimming" a couple of times a week if not more. With a kick board to help, I've been doing laps, stretching my legs and hopefully working off all those chewy cola bottles I'm so addicted to right now.

Alas, good work never comes without it's own form of built-in punishment, does it?! My hair is slowly turning an awful shade of green. Yikes!

I realised that hardly any of my friends are blonde anymore - I guess we're all using our disposable income buying school shoes instead of visiting the hairdresser - but I did think of one friend who might be able to help. You know, in a hurry. Because sometimes you just need to de-green your hair at 10pm. Particularly if you have to go somewhere with *real* grown-ups the next day.

Luckily she is married to someone she refers to as Mr Hair, the irony being that despite working in the hair industry, he is completely bald.

They recommended washing my hair, then rinsing in a bicarb/vinegar mix, leaning ten mins and then rinsing out.

I dutifully followed directions, trying not to squeal too loudly when the mixture foamed all over my bathroom. I carefully popped a shower cap over the whole chaos and sat back to wait.

I wish I'd been as careful in the removal of said shower cap - water flooded my face, giving me quite an abrasive treatment! Hubby laughed at me, it would only happen to me, apparently.

The next day I had to go out with not only slightly green hair but a red blotchy face to boot. Serves me right for trying to get fit, I guess!

I have to say though, my hair seemed to enjoy it (after another shampoo back to golden and bouncy to boot) and now I've got some moisture back into my face (and it's sort of regained its top layer of skin) it's looking pretty rejuvenated too!

Still, to be on the safe side I think I will invest in some green-removing shampoo for the future ;)
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