Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The end of the line

I think this little blog has reached its conclusion.

I started it to show myself that my time at home was indeed personally productive. That in between nappies and feeds and nights where there were far too many people in my bed I actually could find some time for myself. That I could learn and grow. That at the end I would have something to look back on - an accomplishment.

And you know what?

I have. That accomplishment is first and foremost my beautiful, healthy children. They have lovely manners, wide smiles and kind hearts. They make me prouder than I ever thought was possible.

This little blog pales in comparison to the true product of these last five years. A loving family. A woman who has learned to be less selfish, more patient, less harried, more loving, less anxious and more forgiving.

So. I guess this is goodbye! I hope that my next five years will see me continuing my personal growth in other ways. First and foremost I want to be more present in my family life. I want to find time to savour the joy that these childhood days bring.

I'll keep writing. I'll keep up my personal journals. I'll continue to write and tell stories for my children. I'll keep writing love letters to my children, squirreled away in the box on my dresser.

And I'll keep trying to be a better mum. Always a procrastinator, I'll try to put some of my plans into action.

Thank you to everyone who has posted, followed or otherwise encouraged me. I'll look back at this little blog and smile. I hope one day my kids might look at it and know how hard I tried to make these difficult years work for us all.

Thank you for listening!


  1. Wishing you all the best for the future, whatever it may bring. xxx

  2. Oh that's sad but I'm also very envious of you in making this decision, and I wonder if I in fact should be switching off to do the same thing!!!! I have a holiday away soon and I'll be reassessing my blog as well. Family must come first. I'll miss you! Pop in and say hi from time to time! Em xxx also visiting as part of #teamIBOT x

  3. It's sad to say goodbye, but I think we all understand it. Blogs have a purpose, and sometimes the purpose reaches it's conclusion, and it's time to move on.
    Thanks for being part of the #IBOT community, and good luck with what's to come. xx

  4. Oh Sam i truly wish you all the very best with your next chapter hun. Good luck lovely girl xx


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