Friday, February 25, 2011

Aren't they clever?

I've been wanting to decorate the walls in my house for ages. I wanted to get rid of the old prints we have from our pre-kid days and put up our own artwork and photographs. Look at what my kids did!

They're ready to be hung over the cabinet by the back door - we just need a trip to the hardware store for some 3M hooks :)

Here are some action shots of the Small Boy's effort:


  1. How cute!
    I love your blog Sam :)

  2. How lovely Sam. I saw some coloured frames at a friend's house with her child's artwork in them the other day. I have been looking for them since. But seeing the black and the coloured edge on the picture looks just as nice. What a treasure.

  3. I just bought el-cheapo $2.49 frames from Reject Shop and cut the mats myself out of coloured paper and the white cardboard that came with the frames. At first I was a bit sad that nobody painted themselves, but now I kind of like the abstract look!

  4. I've been meaning to do this with some pictures Lana & Jude have created. Such a great idea, and your kids abstract creativity is just perfect Sam x

  5. Love it, Sam!!!!!! xox


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