Thursday, February 3, 2011

Small boy can sit... and has a new hat to celebrate

As you can see, it's baby-steps around here. Yes, he's brave enough to sit occasionally. No, he will not let me have the dummy...

I made this without a pattern, but it was quite a basic process. It's only one ball of a soft Angora-blend wool I picked up for $1 at Kmart. I crocheted and unpicked and crocheted some more until I got where I wanted to go. As I said to someone yesterday, I like the adventure of making things. I'm not interested in making the same things over and over, I bore easily. Although apparently I have to make one for Mr Z now too! It's ok because I was looking for an excuse to go and pick up some more bargain wool, anyway ;)

Are you a pattern person, or do you like to take an adventure when you put on your art/craft hat?


  1. That looks great Sam :D
    Can you make one in my size for winter? :p

  2. Miss Lis! You KNOW you could make one of those yourself!!! It's more or less that reject 'pumpkin' pattern, with a few tweaks to make it work! Crochet me the band part and I'll do the top and brim for you ;) xx

  3. It's adorable, I love it!!

  4. Thats adorable, i want one for myself!! I am the only girl in my family who likes hats and I wear my hat with pride just to stir them!!


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