Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Mummy vs: The Woman who has it all together

I struggle most days to keep things together. Sometimes I feel like my life is just one loooooong treasure hunt for that lost receipt/permission slip/actual important document (eek!) Sometimes I know I really neglect the 'mummy-ing' in an attempt to appear a competent, grown up type person who can manage a household while doing other things.

This whole not working lark is hard - I feel like I have lost my identity now that I'm not a teacher or a student and am 'just' a mum. Like I have to prove I'm still a rational, thinking person inside this body. Probably why I have to constantly keep myself busy with all my baking and making and other time-sucking, unnecessary (but satisfying) things.

Which is why I was so pleased to read this by Squigglemum yesterday. Today I gave myself permission to leave the groceries, unpacked, on the kitchen floor (I did put away the cold/frozen things) while I made an impromptu collage with Little Miss (4). What can I say - apparently the special sequins we'd found at the shops just HAD to be used right there and then. While I did it, I patiently applied glue, curled ribbon and looked for shiny pink things in the collage box mess and I DID NOT worry about anyone coming to the door who might notice my untidy kitchen and think less of me because of it. I didn't need permission, but it was nice to have the back up of someone else who knows how important this job of MOTHER is...

Squigglemum's blog (along with a few others) is somewhere I know I can turn to - any time of the day or night - whenever I'm feeling a bit jaded about the world. When I see people neglecting their kids on TV or around town, I know I can go there and find a place where kids are loved and valued. And it makes me feel better about the contribution I'm making to the world through these little people. And regardless of what the world thinks about my time out of paid work, I can feel so lucky to have chosen this precious time at home with my greatest work, my children.


  1. Thank you - you have no idea how much your post is actually an encouragement to me!

    Sequins are most definitely a priority :-)

    Oh, and you are super. xx

  2. Beautiful post Sam. I think it's something the 'just' mums of this world battle with constantly (including me!). Being with our children, and being there for our children is one of the best uses of our time, and sometimes I need a reminder of that, so thank you xx

  3. Ohh don't fret too much abouot not being on a "paid job" you have the most important and rewarding job now :))


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