Thursday, March 24, 2011

Toothy pegs

It's all about the teeth round here. Mr Z has finally lost that first wobbly tooth - hooray! I was starting to get worried as it had been wobbling forever and his adult tooth was coming through behind it - his smile was becoming a bit reminiscent of a shark, if you ask me! I didn't get a picture of the wobbly tooth (wasn't allowed) but here is his very first grown up tooth in all its glory:

Unfortunately, when the tooth fairy visited she must have been drunk or something as she didn't leave any money. I've told Z he'll have to write a letter pointing out her mistake. Since his least favourite thing to do is writing, it's bought me some time to go and get gold coins at the bank (wink, wink). I was considering keeping their first teeth (still not sure if that is creepy and/or weird) but I guess that's not an option now... no way I'm going... ahem... looking for that thing!!! Maybe I can keep the second one to fall out instead (if it's all right with the fairy)

Meanwhile, the Small Boy now has four teeth (which incidentally 'hit') but he's not letting me get even a small peep at those:

I'm just hoping Little Miss doesn't want a piece of the action once she realises that wobbly tooth = a gold mine ;)

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