Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bunting and burnt fingers...

Let me just start by saying this was Mr Z's idea (as I suck my poor burnt thumb). The last few days I've spent time sorting, cutting and ironing fabric ready to be made into three long strings of bunting

(yes a case of actual burnt fingers, not just a turn of phrase. There are almost 70 flags in that pile)

Small Boy's flags

Little Miss has some too
And finally flags for Mr Z who started this whole project off... I think some rocket fabric might be required to finish the job ;)

Now to start the actual sewing... I thought that pinked edges turned under would be easier than doubled fabric stitched and turned inside-out, but my poor burned fingers beg to differ. Maybe I should have started with a smaller project, but I'm not a small project kind of girl ;)

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  1. Why do small projects when big projects are so much more fun and challenging :-P The bunting flags look great, and I'm sure they will all look fantastic when they are finished and up.


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