Sunday, May 9, 2010

Finally jumper weather :)

Yay! Finally the cooler weather is with us. The kids have been playing outside in the afternoon sun wearing jeans and jumpers for the first time this year. I love being a mum - her crooked piggy tails and his dimples always make me smile.

Here is the latest 'project'. Last term we had a couple of people come into the school to talk to my class about Antarctica. The kids thought it was great - especially because the guest speaker brought photos of machinery, wildlife and offered a bag of dress-ups to complete the presentation (ie something for EVERYONE). To say thanks I thought I would give them a cup filled with lollies and chocolates and (because the talk was on a place that was cold) I decided to make jumpers for the mugs... Inventive.. or just plain Crazy..? I'm going with cute! Will see what the reaction is when I drop them off this week...

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