Friday, April 30, 2010

See, I don't kill every plant I buy!

I don't kill EVERY plant I buy, but unfortunately the 'tree man' we got in to prune around the balcony (before we begin its long overdue overhaul) went a little overboard and took out a couple extra...

So... here are the pictures of the home-grown fruit I was about to harvest:

1. Gold finger bananas 2. Passionfruit on the vine (there were about 100 almost ready to pick, now they're probably all at the tip) 3. Passionfruit flower (the fruit grows from the centre of the bloom) 4. Ripe passionfruit and the two banana flowers which are also edible

Jase made the man come back and replant the one banana tree that wasn't totally wrecked (unfortunately the one with the largest hand of bananas) so not all is lost... with a bit of luck :)

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