Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Art class...

Two weeks ago, I went to a printmaking workshop with the talented Caryl Plant. I'd done a printmaking for teachers class with her two years ago and was hoping this class would give me some more inspiration  in making a mess at home  for teaching printmaking at school.

We used shellac to make print templates using old curtains and embroidery hoops

(I did one positive and one negative design to keep as demo pieces)

We also cut stencils from easy-cut paper
(More babushkas, couldn't help myself!)

and we were allowed to use Caryl's silk screens to take a print of some of her more popular work

It was basically a repeat of the class I'd taken two years ago, so not quite what I was hoping for, but a fun afternoon nonetheless... Am hoping to be able to do some of these things with kids at school - maybe even toward the end of this year (depending on how the littlest Ephraims behaves himself).


PS Don't look up Shellac in a dictionary if you enjoy eating skittles...

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