Friday, March 12, 2010

Homecooked yumminess...

Someone once told me that people will forget a lot of things about you, but they'll always remember the food you prepared for them...

To me, the effort someone takes to put food on your plate always seems to be a reflection of how much they care, so despite the fact I:

1) hate following recipes and
2) hate spending time in the kitchen

in recent years, I've tried to put effort into improving my cooking skills. This has been quite a challenge for me as I'm more a hunter/gatherer type of person and while I love shopping for tasty treats, I'm the sort of person whose recipes never quite turn out right...

Yesterday, I decided to try a grown-up recipe. You know, the sort you have to plan ahead for, put items on your shopping list for, have someone in mind for when you cook it. Since we were expecting visitors, I decided to try baking a Blueberry Cake. It had yoghurt and fresh blueberries, so I figured it wasn't all bad (so far as cakes go).

Here is the fruit of my labour... it actually turned out OK! Shocking, I know but I am finally showing some progress!!!

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