Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Beauty Disasters

I'm not one who pays much attention to my appearance. I mean, I like to dress well but I find makeup a tedious bore (mostly in the removal) so I rarely bother. Usually, I just smear on a moisturiser with sunscreen and put on a smile.
My friend Jo is awesome at selfies. I, clearly, am not!

Despite rarely bothering with beauty, I seem to have a bathroom full of products. Some are left overs from the time I tried to sell Avon (disaster), some are bargains I picked up on impulse (I love a bargain bin, especially after a disastrous day), others are gifts from people.

Who buys beauty gifts for others? Are they trying to tell me something?

Anyway. I've discovered that the most frightening mirror isn't the one in the Big W change rooms (fluoros and cheap mirrors are a bad combination, I'm sure you'll agree). It's the little mirror in the sunvisor in the front seat of my car. In that little mirror, I've discovered that you can see your wrinkles up close and personal, without even wearing your prescription sunnies. Eeeeek!

Which brings me to my latest disaster. After said discovery of road map of fine lines on my forehead, I brought out all the bottles that said anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, anti- anything.

They had collected a lot of dust and all had tiny writing which I had to find my glasses to read. Dust and glasses. That doesn't scream old person, does it?!


My bathroom basin is sporting a vintage look thanks to Vit-C serum that has gathered some colour with age. As my friend said, you don't want a vintage glow to your face. So probably good that a small person seems to have tipped most of it down the drain. After using a night cream, my skin is still wrinkly but now sporting pimples (do pimples count as anti-aging? I look like the wrinkliest teenager in Australia).

So, am giving up. Wrinkles draw attention away from my grey hair. They show you have lived. They show character and courage and perseverance, traits I'm wishing for my kids. Why bother? Really, what can I do about it?

I resolve to drink more water, keep slapping that coconut oil* on (it has improved the redness on my neck) and not look in the sunvisor mirror again.

That's a plan, isn't it?


* Coconut oil is great for killing lice, apparently. I tend to pour it in once a week or so, leave it for an hour while I do housework eat tim tams and then wash it out. Hairdresser says that hair is lovely and shiny. While I wash it out, I let it run all over me, makes my skin soft, too :)

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  1. I really only use a moisturiser with sunscreen on my face - not for wrinkles but to halt the constant trickle of freckles showing up. Thanks for the coconut oil tip!

  2. I find the same with the rear vision mirror. I always find stray hairs that I've missed when plucking my brows, and of course they look 10 tens worse in the rear view mirror!!!

  3. Those lights in change rooms are criminal! My bathroom looks like a beauty product outlet. I have millions of things, but the only thing I can't live without is my clarins daily moisturiser oh and mascara!

  4. I have a love hate relationship with beauty products. I was obsessed with them until a few years back when I started getting eczema on my face and had to go the clean route using soap free cleaners etc. But I'm still attracted to the shiny bottles and lovely smelling lotions and potions! I agree with you about coconut oil - it's amazing stuff.

  5. I agree with you! I don't wear makeup often (to much effort) and I've given up on numerous beauty products, although I've still got plenty of them accumulating dust in the bathroom cupboard!


  6. How good is coconut oil? I love using it on my hair, especially before I colour to protect it from any damage.


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