Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Work update...

Over half-way through week 3 - that means I'm 25% through the term... HOORAY! So far, so good :)

I have been pushing myself to exhaustion slightly, trying to do things with my own kids after hours. We're still making the weekly trips to the park and our weekly beach excursion has been well received (although we won't make it tomorrow, as I'm having a night out with the girls instead). I'm still managing to get simple but healthy meals on the table (I'm learning to forgive myself if sometimes the mash has come out of a packet). We're still reading, playing games, singing and having fun together, albeit for only a couple of hours each afternoon.

Working fulltime, the PROS -
* the house does not get nearly as messy - we're out more often and lets face it, I'm often the instigator of messy activities ;)
* less mopping/vacuuming/scrubbing all round
* I have way more time and patience for the 'witching hour' each day - I haven't had all day to be wound up by toddler tantrums and I'm just so pleased to be with them, my patience stretches further
* I feel much better about my contribution at work and am able to relax a bit more about making deadlines, fewer meetings etc
* I get one-on-one time with my oldest - what a treat to go get an iceblock at the tuckshop with Mr Z when I don't have playground duty (he even holds my hand while we walk over there)
* Hubby is loving getting a bit more time/control at home with the kids, the daddy-child relationship is growing even stronger (my hubby has always been a hands-on Dad and is enjoying the extra time at home)

Working fulltime, the CONS -
* I'm still having a little cry each morning on arrival at my desk - can't bear to put my photos up yet, I will well up at the very thought of my small boy smiling and having fun somewhere else.
* I feel the mother-baby bond slackening (although I remind myself that this always happens regardless - weaning and walking take care of that even without working)
* I'm missing seeing/hearing/cuddling my precious babies and it hurts. Makes me wonder how people who have split custody arrangements ever survive!
* I now have even less idea where that missing sock/library book/teddy/lunchbox is!

I feel like I must have grown up a bit these last six years - motherhood seems to have made me more organised, the weeks are flying by without too much drama :) I just keep looking at the calendar and reminding myself mid-semester break is just around the corner and then everything seems more manageable :)

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