Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cheap and cheerful nursery art

I know this has been done a thousand times in blogs all over the internet. But I thought maybe someone out there was itching for a new project... and didn't realise they probably have all the materials they need! It's so easy, anyone (I mean anyone) can do it :)

You need:

* a hideous old canvas (feel free to buy a new one if you don't have any embarrassing old paintings tucked away)
* scissors
* a stapler (does not have to be anything fancy, but the sturdier it is, the easier your job will be)
* fabric - I love this print, could not resist paying way too much buying a piece

Step 1
Find somewhere firm and flat to work. Iron your fabric thoroughly.

Step 2
Trim your fabric to size and shape. I like to allow a couple of inches all the way around the outside. I also thought that I would like to cut a piece large enough that it's reuseable should I ever get sick of having it wrapped around a canvas.

Step 3
Fold the fabric around the canvas, securing with staples as you go. I just stretch and staple so that the front looks neat. I know there are proper rules for doing this, but I'm a wing it kinda gal.

Step 4
Secure with extra staples

Step 5
Stand back and admire your handiwork!

It really is so simple, but has added a little lift to a boring part of Small Boy's room. I wish I'd got the guts up to do more of these when the other two were small - it's a quick, cheap way to update a bedroom :)

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  1. That is one funky fabric Sam - so retro, and I can definitely see that embroidery pattern working so well in his room.


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