Monday, June 6, 2011

Ahhh... bliss!

Just spent a long weekend with my gorgeous family on sunny Rainbow Beach. Despite the fact that this (beautiful, secluded) piece of coastline is only a couple of hours down the road from us, we had never visited. I'm so glad we have now!
Don't judge us for our dress sense. We were relaxing on holiday, OK?

We spent much of our days lazing around. A walk on the beach followed by a nice leisurely nap, something to eat and another walk on the beach... We rented a townhouse in front of a walking track leading to the most beautiful, white beach. We could hear the ocean from our bed, and the surrounding bushland created a lovely dark, restful feel in the house.

We really needed it - after several weeks of battling one bug after another, we were exhausted, run-down and in dire need of some rest. Fresh, beach air and lots of sleep were just what the doctor ordered! How do people with three small kids manage a three hour, mid-afternoon nap? We put the Small Boy in his cage  portacot, and the other two with a movie on the iPod, a selection of books and toys with instructions it was 'rest time' but that we wouldn't be cross if they just played quietly. We are so lucky, they are great kids and just had a mix of quiet play and napping themselves. I think all that fresh beach air wore them out!

Our walks were lovely, too - we had the Small Boy in his hiking backpack as we walked through bushland alive with birds and littered with flowers, mushrooms and other interesting things (no spiders, hooray!). On the second day, we walked up a hill to overlook the sparkling coastline atop the largest sand dune I've ever seen. I wished we'd had some cardboard!

See what I mean about cardboard? Next time...

Trying to capture the 'rainbowness' of Rainbow Beach.

The town itself was relaxed and clean with the right blend of shops. A couple of fish and chip shops, a pie shop, a gelati shop, a pub that served steak - all the favourites were covered! Nobody gave a second glance to two small adventurers on their scooters, which was nice too :)
Yes, I know I am a cruel mother! I was laughing that it had taken so long for Little Miss to 'fall in' to the ocean. She has a natural talent for it! Lucky small boy had two shirts on and could share one with his sister...

I want to go back, just thinking about it. I know my city-loving husband is not absolutely dying to go back, but I think he had a good time too. That's the nice thing about him. He's happiest when we're happy, and happy we were :)

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  1. Rainbow Beach is so beautiful, you're making me want to go back, too!! The place you stayed at sounds devine, will have to get the name from you later, 'kay ;-) xo


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