Sunday, May 15, 2011

A blanket for baby...

I've got the mother-guilt today... bad. A few weeks ago (when it started getting cold), I quickly whipped up a quilty-blanket for the Small Boy. I didn't have time to run to Spotlight, so I just used up bits and pieces I had around the house.

The front part went fine - we recently went to a toga party, so I had loads of plain coloured fabric lying around, and I had some nice robot-y pieces left from making the bunting - but the back part was a bit tricky. I tend to back my quilts with polar fleece or flannel, but I had only small pieces of each left over from Mr Z's quilt (see here). In keeping with my new year's resolution (Why not... today), I thought I would just go for it and see how it went.

The result is a (slightly hourglass shaped) long, skinny quilt that I'm ashamed to photograph!!! Oh well, I can actually wrap him in it and the colours are nice enough that he seems to like looking at it! Maybe next year I'll unpick it and make it into something much nicer :)

Anyway, here's where the guilt part comes in. I have a very dear friend who is expecting her second baby - another little bundle of blue :) Some time ago I made her number one son a (similarly wonky and amateur) quilt. Now that I've had so much more practice (and developed more patience which I use occasionally) I was able, this week, to make a really nice bright cot blanket to send to her. I'm really happy with how it turned out. The best part is, it only took around 3 hours (and that was including stopping for biscuit breaks). I'll have to make Small Boy another to make up for the fact I was so slap-dash with his blankie!!!

Here is the (perfectly rectangle and nicely finished) gift quilt:

Tomorrow, I'll add a mini-tutorial of how to make your own :) It's not the grandest gift ever, but how nice to give a gift made with love :)

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