Saturday, May 14, 2011

Biscuit 'Painting'

I can't believe we are three weeks into term already! Here's a little activity we did during the holidays, the kids are already begging to repeat it!

We used coloured icing in squeezy bottles to decorate Arrowroot biscuits. I had a few brand new empty squirty bottles in the cupboard which worked best, but we also re-used some tomato sauce bottles which were destined for the recycle bin.

We experimented together. We lay colours down side by side so see if the line would blur (it didn't). We made patterns on the biscuits and watched the colours run into the gaps. We dragged forks through the join lines to make funny, squiggly lines. We held the biscuits on their sides to watch the colours run down the biscuit surface. We decorated with lollies, finding the best contrast between icing and m&m colour. We had fun :)

Simple, fast and fun with minimal mess :) One tip, make sure you have people to visit after making these. You don't want all that sugar hanging around in your house ;)


  1. Is the icing just icing mixture, water and food colouring? Do you have to have it quite runny to let the colours blur? I would love to try this. Looks great!!!

  2. Hey Adele :) Nope, not too runny - maybe a little bit runnier than cupcake icing but not much... I did icing mix, milk and food colouring. The kids had a great time with just the three colours but I think I might track down a couple more bottles for next time :)

  3. Oooh - the blurry bits... we ran forks and skewers through and around the colours to get the blurry/spiky effects... otherwise the colours ran up to each other but didn't blend unless we tipped the biscuits on their sides...


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