Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why not... Today?

I usually have a New Year's Resolution which I try to stick to.

One year it was... 'Wear less black' (harder than it sounds). Life seems so much easier when you know you can get up and put on a black t-shirt and a pair of jeans. It was a struggle, I'll admit, but I learned to incorporate a bit more colour in my life - even if it just meas that sometimes with my black pants and black top, I add a colourful piece of chunky jewelry before heading to work.

Last year it was, "Sometimes... say no" (even harder). I'm a bit of an all-or-nothing type of girl, so saying 'yes' to everyone gets me into a lot of trouble regularly!!! Hard as it was, I did learn to say no - I've learnt to value my time and patience as a result. I hope I didn't offend anyone along the way.

This year it is, "Why not... today?" I hate regrets, I hate hearing about regrets, I don't want regret in my life. So I decided that part of valuing my job as a mum is to make sure I don't end up with regrets... nothing is worse than feeling that you were the cause of some regret that has formed in someone else.

So... I'm going to go back to doing some writing - maybe just for myself, maybe for my kids, no idea really. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a writer. I remember being about five years old and having to colour the hammers on an ancient typewriter with green felt pen so that I could type lists and random five year old thoughts. I went to uni to become a journalist simply because I thought it would give me time and excuse to do more writing. I've kept journals and diaries for over 20 years just to record who I am - sometimes I go back and read these and laugh while I consider burning the evidence that that was ever me. So I'm gong to do more of some or all of that.

I'm finishing up all the things I've been putting off - cleaning out the pantry, taking stuff to goodwill, finishing random crafty projects. And I'm valuing my artwork, I've decided to sell off a few bits and pieces that I've made and get back into making more bits and bobs - it really makes me happy.

Wish me luck!


  1. Sounds like a great resolution. I like ones that are different from the norm of "lose weight". I regularly re-evaluate how exactly I'm going at being the stay at home Mum I wanted to be. Kids grow up too fast!

  2. love it Sam! also now that you mention it, black really is a prominate wardrobe colour isn't it!

  3. What a fantastic resolution. :)


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