Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Queensland Floods

It hasn't been such a happy new year for some of our neighbours. We've managed to stay dry, but plenty of people have lost everything in this corner of the world. With friends and neighbours rallying around, hopefully those people affected can soon return to some semblence of normality in our town, and we hope and pray every day that the floodwaters to the north recede quickly without too much more damage and loss.

This is our town from the air. The river is in the top right hand corner... very little of the rest of the water should be there...

Our local shopping centre on the bottom left. The first floor carpark was completely submerged, as were several houses in the near vicinity

Our house is at the end of this street. At the bottom of the hill road signs ended up being completely submerged

The playground we visit on the weekends is under there somewhere. The yellow pegs to the left (centre) are actually street signs!

Cricket grounds to the left, netball courts to the right of this road. This was a few days before the peak

Another car just trying to get home *before* the big wet really began...

The river got wider than three times its usual size in most places. Some places it was even worse.

I am thankful that people still care enough to help one another out in times like these, that the hospital was able to stay open and that my family were high and dry. I hope the clean up in other towns goes as smoothly as it has here...

** These shots are photos taken with my own camera. I appreciate your asking my permission before using them elsewhere **

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