Saturday, October 5, 2013

Queen for a day

Today I was a lady of leisure.

Yesterday I made tonight's meal so that today I could just do the things *I* wanted to do... like play with my sewing machine, watch a movie that nobody else wanted to watch, sit in my pajamas all day and drink lots of coffee.

It was great!

The kids were a little bit confused but quickly got on-board when I explained the situation. One day to have a holiday from being a 'mum'**... they thought it was reasonable.

They made their own lunch (it was cereal but it could have been worse). They even hung out the laundry and unstacked the dishwasher WITHOUT COMPLAINING. Miss Piggy brought me a gong (a saucepan and an egg beater) so that I could summon her for random cups of water or biscuits.

It was great! Don't know why I hadn't thought of it before!

** No housework, no taking of random requests, no cooking or cleaning, no chauffer duty... Kisses were still on-tap ;)

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  1. Ha ha . I imagined you banging that saucepan and your daughter entering with a tray of biscuits and glass of water... Curtsying :) rejuvenating mum is so important!
    I found your blog from Maxabella loves.... Weekend rewind

  2. I do the same thing - "stacking" my days every now and then to give myself a window of "nothingness". It's the only way to make it through! Your day sounds perfect, Neena! x


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