Saturday, June 30, 2012

Grateful for

Today I'm grateful for:

1.Sunshine! I love Winter but my kiddliwinks really need their outdoor time. The cold and damp had us all coughing and sneezing and we were just sick of being cooped up.
2. Holidays! So nice to spend time with my babies... Lots of cuddles and giggles. Lots of time to answer strange questions and tell stories. Looking forward to my four day weeks next term.
3.Nights out! A lot of landmark birthdays in our group this year... So nice to leave our responsibilities to one side for a night of fun with friends. We might be sporting a lot of grey hair, but we still remember how to make each other laugh. So much fun :)

Linking up to Maxabella Loves grateful list at Kidspot :)


  1. Birthdays are so much fun , hope you have lots of fun. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine today , it is beautiful ..says me sitting inside ;-)

  2. Such an adorable photo of Micah. I hope you have a fabulous break with your kidlets - our holidays have only just started xx

  3. I was s apply to see the sun this weekend too. Bliss! x

  4. I'm missing the sunshine at the moment! Cuddles and giggles with our little ones are the best! x

  5. Oh I am missing the sun too! Hope you enjoyed it! x


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