Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Watercolour pencils

I have no time to do anything crafty these days, it seems. My life is full of rushing here and there - packing, driving, working, shopping, feeding, cleaning... I feel just like a hamster in a wheel most days!

The other night I decided I would make an effort to do something just for me. I got out my long neglected pencil case and did a bit of drawing. It was fun!

Before I show you (cos it's not the greatest) let me just say that my five year old daughter says it's unfinished, "Where are all the people, Mum?" I have absolutely no idea if I will finish it, or even where I will put it. It was just nice to revisit one of my most favourite places in the world - even though it was only on paper :)

Here it is - my terrible painting of Pizza Bra, above a terrible print of a photo I took on my visit. I think I was a bit too careful with my shapes and lines, I need more practise so that I can make my drawing seem a bit less forced. Still, you have to start somewhere - and at least it is recognisable.

Can someone tell me how to rotate this image?!
Drawing was something I loved to do as a kid, I still love buying notepads and new pencils so it seems I must still long to do it.

I am going to make more of an effort to find some time for myself this term - even if it is just 20 quick minutes of drawing before bed. Who knows? I might even improve!

What did you love doing as a kid? Do you still make time for that special hobby, or have you outgrown it?

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