Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I was here

Earlier this week I put the finishing touches on the latest edition of our home videos and then cried a bucket of tears? Why? Because this is the first time I'll be sending copies of this DVD to special friends and family all over the globe but not to the tiny one bedroomed flat that my Grandpa called home.

My Grandpa loved these videos best of all. He would call to thank me for giving him a peep into the lives of his great-grandchildren. He had told me a few times that one of the best moments of his life was holding my son while he fell asleep in his arms. He told me that he often stopped to think that had he never been here, neither would my father, my brother and sisters or the precious little people I call mine.

It's something I've thought about often since he 'left'. How one life changes so many others. How after we are gone, shadows of the people we were remain and live on.

I guess it's why I enjoy creating. Something that 'wasn't' suddenly 'is' because of my hands, my thoughts, my time. It's unique, like me, and when I hand it on to someone else, I'm handing them something of myself, a tiny chunk of my life.

I was here.

I hope that one day, my children will look back on these precious snippets of our family life and remember - we were a family. We lived. We laughed and played. We loved and were loved.

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