Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Treats!

I love gingerbread men. I think everyone does! I remember one magical day in primary school when everyone in our class was given a gingerbread man to celebrate a classmate's birthday. I remember thinking how lucky that boy was that his mum had/took the time to make something special for each person in our room. So last night I made gingerbread Christmas trees for Zander's class. It was going to be gingerbread candy canes, but I know how much Zander likes green. And smarties :)

And here is what I made for his teachers (will make more 'layers' next time to make it more tree-like)

Can't believe it is my boy's last day of kindy tomorrow (sigh)...

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  1. Again...you.are.amazing.Sam.!! I only managed to grab a present at the chemist for Keeley's teacher, and of course, nothing for her classmates! (was feeling under the weather for a few weeks prior to Christmas, that's my excuse. You're such a wonderful mother! Wonderful memories your children will cherish. We managed to make one batch of rumballs (surprisingly!) but that's about it. There's always next year hey?!


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