Thursday, November 18, 2010


Natti and I made fudge yesterday. We used a very easy base recipe, then we decorated it in all different styles.

No-Fail Fudge

1 x 375g packet of chocolate drops
1 x tin condensed milk
Optional: glace cherries, crushed nuts, apricot pieces, marshmallows, coconut... whatever is handy

1. Open tin of condensed milk. Remove 6 tablespoons of contents. Eat immediately :)
2. Melt chocolate buttons over a low heat
3. Add condensed milk. Stir until blended, remove from heat.
4. Add items from optional ingredients if required.
5. Pour into a lamington tray, top with nuts/coconut if desired.
6. Refrigerate
7. Cut when cool

Other options, instead of pouring into a lamington tray:
a) pour semi-cooled mix onto a sheet of greaseproof paper and roll into a log for chopping.
b) roll semi-cooled mix into balls


  1. What do you know...i actually have ingredients in the cupboard to make this! I think that will be on my agenda for tomorrow...making fudge with the kids. :)

  2. How did it go? I'm going to make some more with Natalie this week - all our Christmas goodies have run out :)


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